Best Places To Visit in Saskatoon in Winter

Saskatoon is a stunning city any time of year but takes on extra allure when winter wonderlands of snow and ice blanket the landscape. It is a magical time to experience all Saskatoon has to offer from the cozy comfort of inside warm cafes to bundling up and embracing the chilly temperatures firsthand on snowshoeing trails or ice-skating rinks.

The winter months reveal hidden treasures as the city glimmers under fresh snowfalls. Visitors and residents alike find new places to enjoy during this cozy season in Saskatoon.

The South Saskatchewan River

Flowing through the heart of the city, the South Saskatchewan River is a prime destination during Saskatoon’s winter. Its banks become the stage for various snowy delights as the frozen waters offer their magic. Cross-country skiers traverse the icy trails while snowshoers crunch through fresh powder, taking in the dazzling vistas.

Families build snowmen and sled together on the hillsides overlooking the glimmering sheets of white ice below. Cafes near the river stay warm refuges for rosy-cheeked visitors seeking rest and refreshments. The South Saskatchewan River shows its breathtaking beauty in winter and invites residents to experience a meditative stroll along its snow-laden shores.

The Forks of the River

The Forks remains a top winter destination within Saskatoon. It transforms into a bustling hub for outdoor enjoyment. The wide-open spaces take on new magic blanketed in snow, inviting cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and ice fishing enthusiasts.

Within the park, kids can sled down small hills and kick up powdery snow. An expansive ice rink becomes the stage for twirling figure skaters while hockey players glide across its crisp surface. With cozy cafes and a vibrant marketplace, The Forks maintains its title as a social epicenter even during colder months.

Downtown Saskatoon

Downtown Saskatoon retains an inviting charm beneath its winter wear. Its busy streets become the perfect place to cross-country ski or snowshoe between attractions. Hygge-inspired cafes remain warm gathering spots to enjoy comfort foods and drinks with friends by the window.

The colorful lights adorning buildings create a magical ambience after dark. Premier performances at TCU Place or movies at the Rainbow Cinemas entertain indoors out of the chill. Retail meanderings allow one to discover what local shops offer most perfect for stay-warm-by-the-fire evenings.

Kinsmen Park

Kinsmen Park transforms into a winter wonderland and remains a hotspot for frosty fun. Its trails meander past glittering trees and open fields of shimmering white. Cross-country skiers of all skill levels tackle its groomed tracks while snowshoers meander down quiet paths taking in breathtaking views.

Within the park, an outdoor skating rink comes alive with the swish and stomp of skate blades. On weekends, mini hockey tournaments take over the rink to the delight of families bundled on the sidelines.

The Prairie Oasis Conservatory.

Within the city lies a tropical escape even on frigid winter days. The Prairie Oasis Conservatory allows visitors to experience a lush rainforest oasis regardless of the season outside its steamy glass panes. Wandering beneath towering palm fronds and past blooming flowers, one feels a world away from the snowdrifts piling up outside.

Educational seminars, hosted within the humid greenhouse, teach about exotic plants native to wet and warm locales. With its constant summer-like climate, the conservatory invites locals weary of winter's bite to take a soothing respite and be visually transported beyond Saskatoon's chilly skies. A unique attraction highlighting botanical delights, it demonstrates nature's perseverance throughout the year.

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