5 Best Spots For Karaoke in Saskatoon 2024

If you're looking for a fun night out with friends where you can belt out your favorite tunes, Saskatoon has some great karaoke spots to check out. Whether you're a talented singer or just love to laugh at everyone giving it their all, these locations around the city are perfect for showing off your stage presence or hanging back with a drink to cheer others on. This article will cover five of the top places locals recommend for singing your heart out over the playlist.

Crackers Pub: An Energetic Hotspot

If loud, energetic nights filled with passion performances are your thing, Crackers Pub is a great option for karaoke in Saskatoon. Situated in the heart of downtown, this lively pub features karaoke nights on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 9 pm that go well into the wee hours of the morning.

Whether you take the stage solo or get your whole group involved in a fun collaboration, Crackers' friendly and supportive atmosphere always makes it a riot. Be prepared for the entire bar to join in on your favourite belters! Make sure to book your slot early if you want a turn at the mic at this popular spot.


Gong Cha & Karaoke: More Than Boba Tea

For those looking to fuel up on bubble tea before or after hitting the karaoke stage, Gong Cha & Karaoke is a fun two-for-one spot. In addition to the tasty tea drinks and snacks on offer, this Asian-inspired cafe comes alive with music on Friday and Saturday evenings starting at 8 pm.

Both novices and seasoned performers will feel right at home on the cozy little stage belting latest hits, ballads or their personal favorites. With the chilled ambiance and welcoming vibe, it's easy to relax into the fun even if you choose to enjoy as an enthusiastic audience member instead. Be sure to check their Facebook page for upcoming events too.

Stan's Place: Where Regulars Reign

Nowhere demonstrates the true community spirit of karaoke more than Stan's Place. This friendly neighborhood pub on 33rd Street has hosted both aspiring and accomplished vocalists for over a decade every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

While the modest space can get standing room only, the warmly lit bar and regular crowd make it easy to relax into your performance. Signature drinks like their signature ‘Stan's Slammer’ cocktail are perfect for buttering up the always receptive audience too. Whether you're a first-timer or a fixture of the weekly shows, Stan's Place is happy to have you join in on the fun from 9 pm onwards.


Dogg House Bar & Venue: A Relaxed Vibe

For those seeking a more lowkey karaoke experience, Dogg House Bar & Venue is an inviting choice. Located just a few blocks off 8th Street, this renovated warehouse space draws a mixed crowd most nights thanks to its eclectic mix of programming.

Thursday evenings see their karaoke setup take center stage from 9 pm to midnight though, giving regulars and newbies a relaxed environment to test their vocals. With dim lighting, a laidback playlist and attentive staff keeping drinks flowing, it's easy to get wrapped up in the atmosphere whether performing or catching another's act. Be sure to check their Facebook for other events too.

Colonial Pub & Grill: A Welcoming Pub

Colonial Pub & Grill is a beloved fixture in Saskatoon's Pleasant Hill neighborhood, and their lively karaoke nights have much to do with it. Taking place every Friday from 8 pm onwards, the pub transforms into a welcoming stage for talents new and seasoned. Nestled in the heritage building with wood details and pub fare, it's easy to relax into the fun vibes.

Whether belting your signature song alone or getting friends together for a group number, the supportive crowd is always happy to cheer performers on. Be sure to stop by early if you want your name on the list - this cozy spot fills up fast on karaoke nights. But whether singing or socializing, there's a spot for everyone at Colonial Pub & Grill.

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