The Best Pizza in Saskatoon 2024

We're always keeping an eye out for great dining spots to share with guests. Pizza seems to be a crowd favorite for both locals and visitors alike. Whether you're seeking a casual neighborhood joint or elegant gourmet experience, Saskatoon has some of the best pizza places to satisfy any pizza craving.

In this article, we'll explore the best pizza Saskatoon. From cozy diners to artisanal bakeries, there's sure to be a perfect pizza place for everyone. Let's take a look at some of the top contenders that make Saskatoon's pizza scene so delicious.

The Colonial Square Inn - A Local Favorite

As mentioned, The Colonial Square Inn, also called Venice House, is located right here in Saskatoon at 202 Ave C South.

With its welcoming ambiance and tasty wood-fired pies, it's become one of the top pizza places and good pizza spots among both guests at our downtown motel and locals throughout the city. Their pizzas like the Meat Lover’s and BBQ Chicken are consistently ranked among the best thanks to high quality toppings and sauce combinations.

Venice House offers a neighborhood favorite for pizza lovers looking for good pizza places. I also recommend saving room for their homemade gelato at this location for a tempting treat. You’re sure to enjoy the cozy vibes and atmosphere that makes it one of the best pizza places in Saskatoon.

UNA Pizza & Wine - Elegant but Easygoin

Offering an upscale dining experience, UNA Pizza & Wine is located at 165 3rd Ave South in downtown Saskatoon.

For those looking to enjoy pizza in a sleek, relaxing environment, it's become a top choice and one of the best pizza places in Saskatoon. With an excellent selection of wines and attention to detail in their space, UNA provides an elegant setting. However, you still get the same fantastic thin-crust pizzas Saskatonians love from one of the good pizza places.

Signature pies like the arugula and prosciutto or roasted cauliflower pair beautifully with their beverage selection. It's an ideal spot for a special night out seeking both quality grub and ambiance. UNA shows eating great pizza, which they are known for, can also be a polished affair. Whether you're looking for a casual snack or fine dining, UNA offers excellent pizza making it one the best places in Saskatoon.

Thirteen Pies Pizza & Bar - Fun Neighborhood Joint

Located at 105-130 3rd Ave South in Saskatoon. Thirteen Pies Pizza & Bar brings a laid back neighborhood vibe to the city's pizza scene.

As one of the best pizza Saskatoon and top-ranked pizza spots in the city, it has become a popular hangout, especially among locals. In addition to their extensive craft beer menu served in a casual pub environment, Thirteen Pies is known for their pies that are consistently popular and considered some of the best in town.

Must-tries are the spicy Thai chicken or potato bacon with garlic aioli specialty pizzas. It's an ideal place to unwind after a long day with friends and family. Be sure to stop by this best pizza place in Saskatoon for affordably tasty slices in a comfortable setting amongst the other good pizza places around.

Ringers Original Pizza - Serving the Community

Located at 225 Idylwyld Dr N in Saskatoon. Ringers Original Pizza has served the local community for over 30 years at this very location.

As a family-owned neighborhood establishment, Ringers is committed to being a welcoming space for all. With convenient hours and no-fuss meals, it's loved especially among regulars and considered one of the best pizza places by many in Saskatoon. Their signature wood-fired pies offer high quality toppings on a crispy crust for a great value.

Must-tries are their specialty oven-baked pizzas, which customers rank amongst the top. Be sure to also sample their tasty salads and dips that keep customers returning. Ringers shows how good neighborhood pizza places can give back – it's been voted one of the communities' favorites for decades. Drop by this reliable spot for a filling, honest slice from one of Saskatoon's best pizza places.

Santa Lucia Pizza - Saskatoon East.

Located at 227 Slimmon Rd in Saskatoon's east side, Santa Lucia Pizza is a popular option among locals.

Serving the community for over a decade, it has become a staple and serves one of the best pizza Saskatoon. Customers consistently rank their crispy-edge pies among the city's good pizza places. Specialty creations such as the buffalo chicken or pepperoni pizzas deliver on taste, which is why it is considered amongst the best

Those looking to satisfy their pizza craving on this side of town know to turn to Santa Lucia. With a family-friendly atmosphere and friendly staff, it provides a relaxed environment to unwind. Their daily pizza and pasta specials also offer great value. Whether you're after casual takeout or dine-in, Santa Lucia shows why it's rated as one of the top pizza places in Saskatoon.

Red Swan Pizza

Located in the Rosewood neighborhood at 101-1602 8th St E, Red Swan Pizza is amongst Saskatoon's hidden gems

Specializing in Neapolitan-style thin crust pies crafted in their brick oven, Red Swan has developed quite a following since opening its doors. With just a few signature creations on the daily-changing menu, they let quality ingredients shine. Top picks are the margherita featuring San Marzano tomatoes and Buffalo Basil using house-made almond pesto.

The intimate dining rooms and friendly service provide a polished experience. Whether enjoying wood-fired pizza alone or with company, Red Swan presents an exciting option for foodies. With acclaim continuously growing, this local establishment proves excellent pizza can be found outside the usual busy street corners amongst Saskatoon's other good pizza places


Saskatoon offers a diverse selection of good pizza places that reflect the character of their communities. Whether seeking a casual slice, family dining, or elevated dining experience, establishments highlighted today deliver quality pies and hospitality. Customers consistently rank Santa Lucia, Ringers, Thirteen Pies and Red Swan amongst the best pizza places in Saskatoon.

With multi-generational histories serving locals, these joints prove that excellence and community ties make for staying power. Whether indulging a craving, unwinding with friends or enjoying inspired creations, Saskatoon residents are kept satisfied by the thriving local pizza scene. These top-rated spots illustrate how good pizza places lay foundations and bring people together at the neighborhood level.

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