10 Best Local Desserts in Saskatoon 2024

Saskatoon is home to wonderfully creative bakers and dessert artisans, offering residents and visitors delectable sweet treats for any craving. From humble homemade delights to artistic confections, the city has no shortage of destinations for satisfying your sweet tooth.

This guide showcases ten of the best dessert Saskatoon, featuring classic favourites and imaginative indulgences.

Unique Twists:

Sweet Galettes at the Night Oven Bakery

Located in the Riversdale neighbourhood, the Night Oven Bakery is a fixture for fresh artisanal breads and pastries. A popular sweet treat is the bakery's galettes - hand-crafted pastries filled with seasonal fruits and a light crème. The dessert Saskatoon galette offers a wonderful local flavour combination, with tangy Saskatoon berries nestled in a buttery crust.

Bakers change up the fillings daily based on available ingredients, keeping guests returning to discover new flavour combinations. Pastries are best enjoyed warm from the oven, making the aroma of fresh-baked goods hard to resist for patrons browsing the bakery case.

Cappuccino Mini Cake at Botte Chai Bar

For those with a sweet tooth but looking for something less rich, Botte Chai Bar offers the perfect petite treat - their mini cappuccino cake. The moist chocolate cake is infused with coffee flavour and layered with a light coffee cream filling. Topped with a dusting of cocoa powder, just one bite is enough to satisfy any craving without weighing one down.

The mini-size portions make the cakes easy to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea or as a sweet complement to chai lattes and other beverages. Customers return again and again to try different flavour combinations in the single-serving cakes, from vanilla to seasonal options like pumpkin spice.

Saskatoon Berry Pie at Tastebuds

Tastebuds Bakery & Bistro is renowned for using locally sourced ingredients, and their Saskatoon berry pie makes the most of the city's signature fruit. A tender, flaky crust encases a sweet and tangy filling packed with plump berries. Tastebuds bakers use only the freshest berries picked at their height of the season, concentrating their natural flavors.

A generous scoop of vanilla ice cream provides the perfect counterbalance to the pie's tart topping. Customers flock to the bakery case hoping to snag one of the few whole pies available daily, as they rarely last long. Those reluctant to share typically opt for a single slice to savor the flavors of Saskatchewan.

10 Best Local Desserts in Saskatoon 2024

Ice Cream & Frozen Treats:

Homemade Scoops at Fable Ice Cream

At family-owned Fable Ice Cream, classic favorites are taken to a new level with homemade ice creams boasting vibrant, complex flavors. A devoted following can’t get enough of unique combinations like brown butter pecan or salted caramel with macadamia nuts. Made fresh in small batches daily, a new flavor surprises guests each visit.

A standout is their signature homemade scoop - a medley of up to three flavors in one cup, encouraging exploration of new favorites. Patrons of all ages can be found enjoying ice cream on the sunny patio out front, with many returning throughout the year for seasonal soft-serve options and children’s parties featuring sweets like hand-dipped waffle cones.

Creative Cones at Homestead Ice Cream & Cappuccino

Homestead Ice Cream is among the most Instagrammable destinations in Saskatoon, with indulgent ice cream creations too picture-perfect to eat - almost. Creative cone combinations might include s'mores or Nutella banana split, balancing layers of treats encased in a sugar cone.

For something a bit tamer, signature concrete mixes like coffee heath or strawberry cheesecake still satisfy any sweet tooth. Beyond ice cream, the coffee shop also whips up egg nog lattes and specialty hot chocolates during colder months. Customers of all ages linger for hours enjoying the desserts as well as seating tucked amongst plants and string lights, making it a prime spot for special occasions year-round.

Bubble Tea Sundaes at I Do Cake

For those with an adventurous sweet side, I Do Cake offers unique dessert creations that are part coffee shop and part ice cream bar. A specialty is their play on bubble tea with tapioca “bubbles” layered into ice cream sundaes.

Flavor combinations might include honeydew green tea, mango smoothie, or coffee jelly with black pearls. Toppings ranging from fruit jams to warmed brownies allow customers to customize their sweets. The intimate cafe is also an artists’ community space, with local paintings, pottery and crafts showcased alongside the dessert display case. Guests relax in a colorful, whimsical setting perfect for enjoying indulgent treats with friends.

10 Best Local Desserts in Saskatoon 2024

Chocolate & Baked Goods:

Dark Chocolate Truffles at Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

For over three decades, master chocolatier Bernard Callebaut has been crafting confections of exceptional quality. While each creation is decadent, a signature bestseller must be his melt-in-your-mouth dark chocolate truffles. Enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate that cracks to reveal a luscious chocolate ganache center, one bite transports patrons to a state of pure bliss.

The truffles are carefully handmade daily using fine Belgian chocolate and premium ingredients, with seasonal flavors like bailey's or raspberry maintaining a devoted following. Those with an appreciation for artisanal chocolates will find the boutique worth indulging in a selection of ganaches and pralines to ship province-wide.

Giant Cookies at Crave Cookies & Cupcakes

For those with a serious sweet tooth or intending to share, Crave Cookies & Cupcakes offers cookies worthy of their name. Towering creations like the “smores ’wich” stack multiple giant cookies with layers of filling for an indulgence easily split between two or more.

Flavor combinations tap into childhood favorites with cookies like funfetti or cookies ‘n’ creme, while more daring patrons test seasonal selections of pumpkin cheesecake or peanut butter fudge brownie. With sizes ranging from personal to plate-sized party cookies, there is an option for any appetite or gathering. The inviting cafe also brings joy with cupcakes spanning red velvet to salted caramel.

Cinnamon Buns at 82 Bakeshop

Among the first customers in line, each morning are patrons awaiting the fresh-baked cinnamon buns of 82 Bakeshop. The yeasted buns are extra fluffy with a soft crumb, acting as the perfect vehicle for generous swirls of cinnamon sugar. Some prefer simply enjoying the buns hot from the oven, while many top them with cream cheese frosting for an over-the-top indulgence.

Whether taking buns to go whole or by the dozen, these sweets are a mainstay menu item from day one. Beyond its renowned cinnamon treats, those looking to linger find booths perfect for sampling additional baked goods with coffee or tea amid the cozy café’s relaxing tunes.


Saskatoon Berry Croissant at HomeQuarter Coffeehouse & Bakery

For a breakfast pastry with local flair, look no further than HomeQuarter’s Saskatoon berry croissants. The buttery laminated dough encases a homemade cream cheese filling swirled with tangy Saskatoon compote.

Shimmers of the dark purple berries peek through flaky layers, enticing patrons to unwind over one with their morning cup. While seasonal, every berry is handpicked to ensure maximum flavor in each delectable pastry. Seating spills out from the rustic bakery onto a shaded patio, inviting customers both new and loyal to savor this specialty under sunny skies or amid falling leaves.

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