Know The Best Antique Stores in Saskatoon in 2024

Saskatoon has a variety of antique stores that vintage and antique collectors and enthusiasts love exploring. When looking to uncover hidden gems from the past, consider browsing the selection at antique stores in Saskatoon. These stores are treasure troves of antiquities, knick-knacks, furniture and more dating back decades.

Whether your tastes are modern antique, mid-century modern or vintage, the antique stores in Saskatoon like Saskatoon Antique & Brass Shop Ltd, Penn's Antiques, The Indefinite Article and Vintage Mall Saskatoon offer a wide assortment guaranteed to spark your interest in history and nostalgia.

Saskatoon Antique & Brass Shop Ltd

One of the most reputable antique stores in Saskatoon is Saskatoon Antique & Brass Shop Ltd, located in the heart of downtown Saskatoon. Browse cabinets brimming with antique collectibles from decades ago including vintage glassware, bronze statues, pottery and furniture. This antique mall in Saskatoon boasts an impressive assortment of antiques.

The Saskatoon Antique & Brass Shop Ltd houses antique stores in Saskatoon renowned for stocking unique vintage finds. Shoppers will feel transported back in time wandering aisles stacked with history from antique vases and curios to hardware and signage. The knowledgeable staff can help you source authentic antique furnishings, collectibles and housewares for your personal space or business.

Penn's Antiques

Also among the most popular antique stores in Saskatoon is Penn's Antiques, offering an exquisite selection of vintage and antique finds. Lovers of all things are retro and antique will delight in the endless antique store in Saskatoon possibilities at Penn's, from furniture to jewelry, glassware to china. This family-owned business prides itself on procuring unique pieces crafted with heart and soul from eras past.

Browse for pre-loved mid-century modern furnishings and decor in pristine condition or one-of-a-kind antique furnishings and accessories dating back over 100 years. Whether antique hunting or just browsing, Penn's aims to transport customers back in time amidst their antique mall Saskatoon stash of nostalgia-inducing relics from bygone eras. Visitors will uncover hidden antique gems highlighting Saskatchewan's rich history and culture in the vintage store in Saskatoon.

The Indefinite Article

Nestled in the heart of Nutana Village, The Indefinite Article antique store offers an eclectic mix of antique treasures spanning across eras. Specializing in mid-century Canadian and European finds, this vintage store in Saskatoon prides itself on curating a collection like no other. From art-deco furnishings and kitchenware to cottage-inspired accents and modernist gems, visitors are sure to discover hidden antique stores in Saskatoon pieces reflecting funky nostalgia.

The knowledgeable staff can offer guidance to complete any space with a touch of vintage flair. In addition to furnishing your home, The Indefinite Article frequently stocks rare antique books on history, art and culture perfect for collectors. Whether you're looking to revamp a room or fuel your passion for the distant past, this unique antique mall in Saskatoon is worth browsing.

Vintage Mall YXE

For the ultimate antique treasure hunting experience, explore Vintage Mall YXE. This massive 6000 square foot antique store warehouse houses a collective of local dealers all under one roof. Browse countless curios, furnishings, accessories and collectibles spread across different kiosks and stalls throughout the vintage mall Saskatoon.

From classic antique armchairs and settees to vintage band uniforms, taxidermy and curios, hunting or stumbling upon rare and eclectic antique stores in Saskatoon items is part of the thrill. With over 25 local vendors renting stalls to sell their small-batch finds, you truly never know what surprises await amongst the nostalgia-packed isles. Whether scouring for jewelry, vinyl records or furniture for any style, Vintage Mall YXE is a must-visit destination for dedicated antiquers.

4th Quarter Vintage

Rounding out the top antique stores in Saskatoon is 4th Quarter Vintage located in the Broadway business district. Specializing in vintage home décor, this boutique aims to transport visitors back to the genteel era of the 1940s through curated mid-century finds. Peruse stacks of vintage kitchenware, furniture and accessories scouted from across North America with an eye for uniqueness.

Whether you're looking to accent a room with a statement furniture piece like a loveseat or buffet, or source unique dishware and gadgets, 4th Quarter Vintage has you covered amongst its antique stores in Saskatoon. Beyond furnishing inspiration, staff are also happy to help with reseller tips or where to source harder to find vintage wholesale lots. As a community hub for vintage lovers, this spot is as much a browsing destination as it is a place to meet fellow nostalgia nuts.

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